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2016-credit-bootcamp-day-1-298The UpSell Nation Affiliate network works by combining 3 parties. Merchants (also known as Advertisers), Affiliates (also known as Publishers), and customers. A Merchant is a person or company that has products or services that wants to partner up with the UpSell network in order to have his product or services promoted. An Affiliate is a person or company who wants to partner up with UpSell nation’s network, to Publicize and display Merchant’s products & services to their customer base, & network of clients, in return for high commissions. Finally we get to the consumer, the final piece of the puzzle. This is the one who comes in contact with, and is presented with the ad. The idea is to then get them to take an action. Such as completing a form, or clicking a link. They then get transferred from the affiliate’s page to the Merchant’s page to complete this act. At which point, the Affiliate will get paid accordingly.


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