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2016-credit-bootcamp-day-2-288Credit Card Builders is proud to premiere our most comprehensive Business Credit Building Program to date. With our up-to-date, value-added strategies and service based results, you will gain $50,000 in 0% Business Credit Lines within a few short months, as well as a one year business-building consulting membership that will allow us to create up to and over $250,000 of 0% business credit for your business.

BONUS: Credit Card Builders Newsletter subscribers receive one week free per year –Complimentary Vacation Condos located throughout the US and Hawaii!

Guess what? NONE of this business credit will show up on your personal credit report! No expensive shelf-corporation required! No tax returns or income verification, and the best part: this is unsecured credit –it’s not tied to ANY assets! Pay $3,500 to start building business credit today! (Ask about our payment plans) There are no additional fees and all clients are provided with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

  • Business Credit: 12-month membership
  • Corporate Credit: Lifetime membership
  • Performance Based Program: Expedited Business Credit service*

*NO upfront fees!

Included Services:

1. One-on-One Comprehensive Business Credit Consultation with a Credit Card Builders expert! We will develop an individualized strategy to maximize the credit building process for your business.

  • If you choose to exercise the 60-Day refund guarantee: You will walk away with a minimum of a FREE Credit
    consultation, credit report, strategies on how to create large amounts of business credit –using no tax returns –
    at no charge! (No credit will be extended.)
  • If you choose to continue with the Credit Card Builders program: You will continue to receive one-on-one
    consultation, receive up to and over $250k, and all program services!


2. $250k of Business Credit using 0% Credit Cards –achieving $50k-80k in the first month –on the first batch of applications! Credit Card Builders will continue to work with you for a minimum of 1 YEAR to increase liquid credit reserves up to and over $250,000.

3. Get cash off your 0% Business Credit Card with little to no transfer fees! Our methods have shown to be the best and sometimes only way to get cash off a 0% purchase-only credit card. These methods of cash extraction work with any credit card at purchase rate regardless of cash advance rates (business or personal).

4. How to remove credit inquires within 45 days (all 3 bureaus)! This service gives you an easy to follow step-by-step method essential to accessing ample funds via Business Credit Cards. Normally valued at $350 or more –free to CCB members!

5. Credit Card Builders will create Individual EIN numbers (Tax ID) for each client! This EIN will match your years in business for the purpose of applying to 0% Business Credit, and keeping the accounts off your personal credit report. Additionally, we will create a complimentary entity for you: LLC, C-CORP, S-CORP…
(You only pay state filing fees).

6. Clients with poor credit are assisted with implementation strategies to remove derogatory credit items! We also provide referral to a credit help company at discounted rates or for free in some cases, depending on the level of severity.

7. Credit Card Builders has an informative monthly Newsletter! Our newsletter is a must-read for all business owners and entrepreneurs. We offer insight in business innovation, money saving strategies, business and personal credit card offers, new financial opportunities with governmental policy changes, and COMPLIMENTARY vacation rentals (see below).

8. Complete Dun & Bradstreet Corporate Credit Building Program (D&B)! As a member of CCB your business will be given a free membership to our D&B Program –to assist your business in building non-recourse-credit (no personal credit or SS# necessary).

  • This is an A-to-Z program; you may use it on as many different corporations as you would like (provided
    complimentary to all CCB clients).
  • This program will teach you how to create a high PAYDEX score and other useful credit strategies.
  • Through this program you can obtain an ADDITIONAL $50,000 of vendor credit in about five to six months (this is in addition to the personally guaranteed business credit referenced above).


NEW: Performance Based Funding Option:

For more qualified clients, Credit Card Builders offers a pay-for-performance guaranteed solution. This is a pay as you go option with NO upfront fee! With this expedited option, clients can begin receiving funding in as little as 15 days. Clients pay 9% of all funding received.

  • Accelerated funding solution: This expedited system is designed to provide up to $250,000 fast for those who qualify.
  • ZERO money down – no upfront fee, only pay once you receive funding!
  • For those who prefer to pay per batch of credit


We look forward to helping you achieve your ultimate business goals and guaranteeing your continued success!

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